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Ultra Precise Ad Location Targeting

After many months of work, my new breakfast cereal inspired flute album is finally finished, and it's time to let the world experience it.

So, what's the best way for me to ensure that my genre-defining album is heard by the right people? Well, since you ask, we'll look at my Facebook and Instagram ad strategy to do just that.

Amazing New Album

Let's get an ad put together. This'll do for now, ideally I'll be using video ads, but the music videos are still in post-production, so for now we'll focus on raising awareness.

Just a simple single image ad, that I'll link off to an album purchase page...

Album Of The Century

Now, if I was going for a strategy that was concerned about getting the general public on-side, I might look at some interest based targeting like this.

Jazz Flute Cheerio Interest Targeting

However – that seems like it’ll take quite a bit of effort. These days you don’t need the public to like your music, you really just need one man to give you the okay.


No point in mucking about with exposure. We're going to take this work of art straight to Cowell.

And we're going to use some pinpoint geotargeting to do it.

Record Label HQ

Ok, so a quick Google shows the office is at 9 Derry Street in London. I'll assume he still visits occasionally.

We'll also assume that he's spending a fair amount of time on Instagram when he's there, checking out Sinita's posts.

it's over there!

Normally for Facebook & Instagram geotargeting, you work with a radius around a location, like this.

But - it has a minimum radius size of 1km. In London, that's a lot of people that I don't particularly want to see my ads. I mean, sure, they'd love to hear the album, but they can discover it in the charts with everyone else.

1km Radius

So what we're going to do is choose the 'exclude location' option.

And then drop a bunch of pins with a 1km radius around the area Simon's going to be in.

Excluded Locations

The extent to which you can do this is heavily dependent on population density.  So you can get away with quite a tight space in a city, but outside of that, you might find you need to open up the area a little more in order to get an audience size that meets Facebook’s minimum requirements.

Little bit of additional 'interest' based targeting layered on top, and we're done.

Look out Stormzy, here I come.

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