It’s all about the detail.

All the product data a potential customer could want…

We love feeds here. The amazing things you can do with a good feed in digital marketing these days can make a massive difference to your digital marketing success.

From dynamic retargeting with products that users have already engaged with, through to pixel based prospecting, that takes products to new audiences with similar characteristics to those who previously purchased, if you don’t have a good feed, you’re missing out on that.

On the surface, it’s incredibly boring, and we get that.  It’s basically a spreadsheet with all your product details that can be interpreted by tools such as google shopping and facebook and then used in relevant ads.

Because it’s not particularly glamorous, feeds often suffer from ‘bare minimum’ status.  They typically contain only the required data for the feed to work.  However, just as with product attributes, the more data and options you can include in your feed the better.  You can open up options related to product groups, slideshow multiple images in dynamic ads, and cross-sell and up-sell highly relevant products to existing customers.

How you do it depends on your website platform, but it’s absolutely worth doing right.  What that requires in practise, is looking at the various fields that you can provide in your feed, and then populating every product with the correct data.  It’s a time consuming job initially, but once it’s done, you just need to stay in the habit for new products and you’ll get to enjoy all the benefits that come with your optimised feed.

Lots of products = Lots of data

Lots of products, lots of data.


Product Data

What data can you provide about your products?  Do you have all the appropriate information available?

Site Tech

Does your site have feed generation built in?  You may need to use an extension or plugin.


The data is only useful if it’s in the site – we need to understand the platform and how we can add it per product.


What are your primary marketing channels? Facebook can do things with feeds that Google won’t, and vice versa. You may want to optimise towards one.

Manual Feeds

Ideally you don’t want to do this, but we can upload manually if a direct site feed isn’t an option.

Stock Management

Automatically halt advertising on out of stock products.

Show us your products

If you want to seriously improve your Google ads or Facebook e-commerce performance, you need this stuff sorted out and optimised.  No hype or sales pitches here – this is a major game changer if you aren’t already doing it.

Product Feed Data

We’ll help you get your feed working properly, optimised and connected to your marketing channels.

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