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Our mission is to get your digital marketing working properly for your business.

That’s fairly easy for us to say, but in practise, all the different channels need to be aligned, backing each other up, and there are a bunch of inter-dependencies that are both technical and creative to consider if you want it all to work as a whole.

I’m Mark, and I’m mainly Dropkick Marketing.  I’ve got a good bit of digital marketing experience behind me, from building sites to SEO, to running ad campaigns across an almost endless array of platforms, systems and business types.  If you’d like to find out more about me and my experience you can check out my consultancy site at https://www.markproctor.info/ .

I guess Dropkick’s main USP is that we try to keep things as transparent as possible.  No technical buzzword chat if you don’t want it, and no pretending that installing wordpress plus a theme is a 5 day job.

What we’re selling is experience and time – we’ll let you know what’s involved to get you where you want to be and the amount of time that’s likely to take (plus what’s optional and what isn’t).  More often than not, that becomes a roadmap and we end up partnering clients as they work their way along it.

So if you’ve got a question or a specific project in mind, just pick up the phone, give us a call and we’ll take it from there.

Thanks for visiting the site.

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