Building better customer experiences.

Reducing bottlenecks and frustrations in your customers’ journey to conversion.

You can have an award-winning ad campaign running, that your audience can’t resist clicking on, but if your website doesn’t make it easy for them convert, you’re hampering performance.

There are a lot of parallels with SEO when it comes to user experience design – pages need to load quickly, do what the user expects, contain the relevant copy and information you’ve promised and above all, make it blindingly obvious what the stages to conversion are, with minimal distraction.

User experience optimisation is a data led practise, and there are many tools that we use to help us improve conversion rates – tools such as hotjar, that record user behaviour and let you watch how they work through your site, or record forms interaction and help you pinpoint drop-off points.

Once we identify the bottlenecks, we begin testing.  That may be a/b testing in which we alter one aspect of a page, test both versions and find a winner, then rinse and repeat, or multivariate testing, in which numerous variations of one element (an image for example) are tested to see which version or combination works the best.

We’ll start by understanding the goal, then putting together various hypothesis for testing. Shortening journeys, testing layouts, adding or subtracting information – every test provides a further step in the right direction and as the data accumulates and we apply the learnings to the user journey, conversion rates will improve.

What barriers are reducing your conversion rate?

User Experience


Past Performance

What data do you already have? Is analytics installed? What are bounce rates like?  Which pages work best?


What technology are you using?  What’s your site built on?  What’s the loading speed like?

User Journey

How easy is it for a customer to convert?  What are the steps involved?  Are all of the steps necessary?  Could you shorten the path?

Page Layout

What is the purpose of each page?  Are you providing relevant information for an inbound visitor? What level of knowledge or depth of data requirement are you assuming?

Conversion Process

Is your conversion off-site?  Is it embedded?  How efficient is it? Does the brand experience continue throughout?


Are your products presented in a visually appealing manner?  How’s the photography?  Are there lifestyle shots? Video? Further Information?

Start collecting data & learning.

Because we’ve been doing this for a long time, there might be some quick wins available when we initially check out your site.  Most of the value comes from the ongoing testing however.  It’s really easy to get so close to a site that you become distant from what a user sees and unable to form objective viewpoints.  That’s where the tools come in and we simply test.  The data provides the answer and the process continues…

Free Flowing UX

We’ll help you improve your conversion rate to ensure that your site fulfils the promise of your marketing activity and converts engaged prospective customers efficiently.

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