Matching Your Site To Your Market

SEO – a mixture of technical tweaking, content creation, site restructuring and more.

Proper search engine optimisation, is exactly that – optimising your website so that search engines are more likely to consider it a relevant result to display for the searches that you consider relevant to your business.

Having worked specifically in SEO for a number of years, with a lot of large companies, we know what works and we know that it isn’t a quick fix.

Despite the industry being renowned for snake oil and impossible promises, the fact remains that organic traffic can be an incredibly important source of business.  Correctly implemented, search engine optimisation can bring traffic at all stages of the decision making process to your site, allowing you to demonstrate your expertise and sell your product or service.

The key is to start with the market.  We typically begin by conducting a search demand analysis that provides a comprehensive picture of the way in which your potential market searches for your products or services.  That’s not just people specifically searching for the actual offering, but those with problems that needs solved, those looking for related information, additional categorical searches that demonstrate interest but not quite decision making yet, and transactional queries which demonstrate high intent to purchase.

We collate that data and together with you, build it into a structural sitemap called an information architecture that acts as a roadmap to building the site into a topical authority that will contain pages specifically designed to gain visibility for target keywords and thematically linked hubs and silos that demonstrate authority on core topics to Google & Bing.

That’s the starting point. As you can imagine, populating that takes expertise and time, which is usually has to be a roadmap rather than an instant solution.  Once you get to the point where your site reflects the information architecture, you’ll have optimised pages that bring you a higher amount of  relevant cumulative traffic through organic (non-paid) search, and that is a great place to be.

An example optimised information architecture. 1 page on electric bikes or….

search engine optimisation


Loading Speed

This is a big deal and has become even more important as Google moves to mobile first indexing.  Slow pages make users bounce, there’s a mountain of data to support it. Don’t keep your customers waiting.

Site Health

Are there 404 errors?  Old links that don’t work? Redirects missing? You don’t want google finding errors when it crawls the site.

Link profile

How’s your domain authority?  What do the links from other sites to yours look like? Are they good quality or spammy?  How many are there?

Structured Data

Is google having to guess which parts of your page are product names, descriptions and prices? We can remove uncertainty with properly implemented structured data signposts.

On page optimisation

Are the elements built into thew page configured and implemented correctly? Target keywords in H1? Unique, descriptive meta-descriptions on every page?


Are your products and services properly segmented on your site, or are they bundled together on a few pages?

How about an SEO audit?

You really have to start with a decent audit when it comes to SEO.  We’ll review your current site and figure out what the technical issues may be and what needs to work better in order to meet Google’s best practises.  Once that’s done, we begin with the search demand analysis mentioned above.

While technical fixes may be one-off jobs, SEO is an ongoing task, following the roadmap to becoming an authority, with a site that continues to grow to meet relevant queries and bring new traffic.  The additional content is incredibly important, so we need to ensure that resource is there to provide it (unless you website is about digital marketing, then we can probably write some of it….)

It’s all pretty logical though – and I think we’ve all been in the situation where we’ve tried to find a product or solution online, that we know must be out there, but have simply been unable to find a relevant search result.  It’s likely some of your potential customers are in that situation now, or are visiting competitor sites which offer the content that matches their query.  It’s not a quick fix, but in the long run, a good search engine optimisation strategy will pay off handsomely on both qualified organic traffic, and in providing highly relevant landing pages for ads.

SEO Audit

We’ll audit your site’s structure, content, technical setup, speed and a lot more.

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