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Manage marketing tags, tracking pixels and monitor site events all in one place.

Google tag manager is an incredibly useful tool, allowing marketers to track events, implement third party tags and a multitude of other features, all without having to plead with developers for their time.

It’s very powerful, but it’s not particularly friendly or easy to configure – you need a bit of technical knowhow to get it working well and passing the important data to your analytics or whichever other tools you might be using it for.

One of our recent projects involved setting up tag manager to record the number of times specific options were chosen in a dropdown search form.  In order to do that, we had to capture the information in tag manager, send it to google analytics via an event, and for reporting purposes, we put together a table and chart that broke down the information into a nice visual in data studio – one of those jobs that’s quite technical to setup, but once complete, provides invaluable decision making information to the website owner.

Analytics provides a limited set of data (albeit valuable in itself), but when  you add tag manager to the mix and start recording and analysing user behaviour such as the above, you can begin to understand your visitors and market really well.

So, whether you want a hand installing and setting it up, or in turning the data into insight, get in touch and we can help you out.

All your marketing events, tags and snippets contained & managed in one place.

Tag Manager Containers


User Journey

What events would you like to record on your site?  Button clicks, form submissions etc.?

Third party

If you’re considering using tracking tools such as hotjar, you can use tag manager to implement them with little hassle.


Technical resource – what’s your relationship or contract like with your site developer? Tag Manager can really speed up tag implementation.

The Data Layer

We can collect and customise data that is pushed directly from the site.  It’s worth considering how valuable that may be.

Marketing Tools

No need to manually implement tracking pixels etc.  Tag manager can handle that.


Track video and audio plays and send events to analytics based on that data (or build retargeting audiences with it).

Needs some planning…

It’s not a good idea to move to tag manager just for the sake of it – if basic google analytics is sufficient for your purposes, it might be completely unnecessary.  That said, there are a lot of benefits to the vast majority of online businesses thanks to the trigger and tagging options tag manager brings, and it’s fairly likely that if you’re reading this page, it’ll apply to your site.

Google Tag Manager Snippets

We’ll work out a plan to get tag manager recording important events and managing marketing pixels and tags in one place.

Read more about some of the specific services we offer below, or just get in touch for a chat now.