Creating websites that convert.

We bring together tried and tested platforms and themes that give you a competitive advantage.

Let us know what you want to be able to do and we’ll advise you on a suitable platform or content management system to begin with.  That might be wordpress, magento, shopify or bigcommerce and so on.  The choice basically depends on the type of business you have, and the complexity of the products or services you’ll be selling or promoting.

Once we’ve chosen the platform, we’ll check out some themes that fit the bill which we can customise accordingly.

Note: A good allegory here is buying a car – you don’t go to the garage and ask them to build you a car – you choose from the cars already available because it’s faster, and a lot less expensive.  The vast majority of new web development is done this way these days.

When you choose a theme, you get a basic template layout with all of the responsive display, categorisation and product display or booking sections already properly implemented and ironed out.  Choose something that’s well tried and tested and you’ll be in good stead to get on with the content and the customisation, instead of paying a developer to rewrite code for no real reason.

Of course we’re not saying that there’s not a time and place for a custom built site, we’re just saying that it’s very likely that there is an existing platform and theme combination available that you will like and which will do everything you need it to do.

Ultimately, this is how we get professional looking sites up and running quickly and begin the work on the important stuff – populating the content and products properly and building out search optimised information architectures.

We can help sort out domains, migrations from old sites and web hosting too, get analytics and tag manager installed, set up product feeds and additional useful tools such as the facebook pixel.

Getting a new site up and running isn’t the time consuming process it once was, however the quality of the content and information you put on it is paramount and that needs good planning and resource behind it.

Best to have a chat over your requirements first and we can take it from there.

This site is built on wordpress, using a flexible theme called ‘Salient’.

Website Theme Template


The Goal

What do you want the site to do? Sell products? Allow class bookings?  Just a online brochure?


What’s the complexity of the products like? Are they configurable?  Multiple sizes? Do they all have different attributes?


What have you used in the past? What are you familiar with? What did you like about it (or not)?


Do you have comprehensive product or service data? How is it structured? How many distinct products or services will you be providing?


Do you already have copy?  Can you write it, or do you have a copywriting resource? Do you have industry expertise we can leverage?


Do you already have relevant images, photography, video?  If not, can you get them?  Their visual presentation is really important.

A process.

Everybody has different needs and we understand that.  We don’t see web development as a standalone job, we’d much rather build a roadmap and work on building online success over time than install a platform and a theme and hand it over then walk away.  That’s an old way to do things that results in stagnant, out of date sites that look dated and untrustworthy.  So our model is more about building any web development into an ongoing digital marketing strategy.

Website Development Process

Let us know what you want to achieve and we’ll help you put together a plan that ensures your new site will do what you want it to do.

Read more about some of the specific services we offer below, or just get in touch for a chat now.