What do you want do to exactly?

Increase sales or bookings? Grow brand awareness? Convert more website visitors? Improve click through rates?

All of the above?

Ultimately, you need planning. You need to understand what you have and where you are at the moment and the logical steps that’ll take you to where you want to be.

We need a handle on what currently works well for you and which links in the digital chain are weak. Is your website slow and frustrating or badly signposted (when was the last time you tried to buy something on it?)

Have you run ads before? How did they go? If they went well there may be learnings there, if not, there’s a reason why.

How’s your technical setup? Do you have the right pixels installed? Tag manager working properly? Google Analytics correctly configured?

You have to get that stuff sorted out before you spend any money on ad campaigns or you just won’t know what works – and you’ll limit your growth and further opportunities.

What’s the best use of your budget? SEO is great if there’s search demand, but it can be competitive, needs time, and typically involves a lot of new dedicated content creation. It’ll pay off eventually, but if you’re looking for a fast return, it’s not what you should focus on.

Who uses your product or service? Can we target them on social? What are their likely interests? What are they likely to search for, and how?

These are the ingredients of a decent digital marketing strategy – take stock, understand strengths & weaknesses, resolve technical issues and then build targeted campaigns that take your offering to relevant audiences.

Digital marketing success is heavily dependent upon solid preparation.

Digital Marketing Strategy


Past Performance

What have you been up to? What’s changed recently?  What sort of marketing have you tried in the past? Who did it for you?


What technology are you using?  What’s your site built on?  What’s the loading speed like? Do you have retargeting pixels & analytics set up correctly?


Time & Budget – Who do you want to reach? Over what time-scale? Can you write expert content? Where are your competitors spending? What ad assets do you have?


Who purchases your services or products? What else do they buy? How often do they buy?  Do you maintain email lists?


How well presented & configured are your products and services? Do you have a feed you can use to send product info. to Google & Facebook?


What does a conversion look like?  A sale? A lead? How easy it is for a potential customer to convert?  What are the barriers?

How about an audit?

Obviously, you don’t have to know all the answers to the questions above.  You’ve got a business to run, and we understand that.  The best way to kick things off is generally to let us audit your various digital marketing assets. Check the website over, kick the tyres, review any previous ad campaigns and ensure the various tracking tools, feeds and pixels are where they should be.

We do that, and then we come back to you with a plan that aims to achieve your goals.

Digital Marketing Audit

We’ll provide you with a roadmap to maximising the efficiency of your digital marketing channels and then set about implementing it.

Read more about some of the specific services we offer below, or just get in touch for a chat now.