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Standard Google Analytics reports are handy, but tend to be underused or misinterpreted.  Overall traffic tends to be a poor indicator of success, and real value starts to happen when you properly configure events, goals and funnels that let you understand exactly where the weak-points and winning pages on your site are.

When combined with tracking tools such as SEMRush, you can start to build a picture of how traffic arrives at your site, what the likely intent might be, and begin to form hypothesis regarding converting that traffic depending on how they arrive at the site and the content they engage with.

We use data studio to build custom reports which feature the metrics and dimensions that our clients consider most important – their KPIs and the factors that influence them most.  This approach lets us pull data from multiple sources and build big picture reports that demonstrate customer journeys and highlight drop-offs and fluctuations in conversion rates.

Having the core information to hand allows us to quickly form testing theories which we can then implement with various tools, from a/b testing to technical optimisation.

If you’d like to get better insight from your analytics data, or just need a hand planning and implementing it correctly, we’re here to help.

We’ll help you turn data into insight & strategy.

Google Analytics



What constitutes a valuable conversion on your website?  Is it a purchase? An add to cart? A contact form submission?


How do your users flow through your site towards conversion?  Have you compared the data to your expectations? Where might they be dropping out?


Are you able to see button clicks and form submission numbers in your analytics?


Is your marketing tagged? Can you see performance by channel? This helps you attribute conversions & plan spend.

Landing & Exit Pages

Understanding where people arrive and leave your site allows you to optimise those pages to maximise conversion.


Do you have product purchase numbers and values integrated into your analytics?  This opens up a world of useful reports.

Get the data & the insight.

If we can understand your goals, we can collect the data that allows us to optimise towards it.  Combine that with UX testing and data from your main marketing channels and you can set upon a test & learn strategy of continual improvement based on the data your visitors are providing you with.

It needs planning, good technical implementation and clear reporting.  We can help you with all of that.

Website Analytics

We’ll help you understand the data you have and get the insight you want.

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