Precise, granular targeting & segmentation.

Be it interest based, demographic, lookalike or geographic, Facebook ads are unmatched in targeting accuracy.

Facebook has a lot of data.  It has information that users provide – demographic and location data and the pages and topics they like and engage with.  It also has data it collects from the facebook pixel, which is installed on a multitude of websites.  That info lets them understand where users are spending their time online, and if they’re currently in the market for specific products or services.

That data combined with the information that Facebook can pull from your site when we install the pixel correctly becomes a formidable marketing tool.

We can target your ads using all of the audience characteristics above and more.  We can set Facebook’s algorithm to optimise towards users who are most likely to perform a specific action (e.g. add to cart, click on a link or purchase) and once we have enough data, we can set the ads up to go to other users on Facebook who have similar profiles and characteristics to those who have already converted.

We can also retarget visitors who didn’t convert, or those who did for cross-selling or repeat purchase.  Retargeting can be segmented by the actions they performed (e.g. added to cart but didn’t purchase), or the length of time since they visited the site (with a host of other variations).

Dynamic retargeting (which requires a correctly set up feed and catalogue) can ensure that potential customers are retargeted with the products they engaged with already, and as the data grows, Facebook can use that engagement data for prospecting and showing similar products to users with similar characteristics.

We’re barely scraping the surface here, there a numerous creative options and ad formats, numerous placements, bidding strategies and campaign structures that ultimately depend on your goal. In essence though, Facebook advertising (including Instagram) is one of the most segmentable, measurable digital advertising channels available, and when the audience, the creative and the structures are right, it typically becomes a major part of many digital marketing strategies.

Lots of ad formats, lots of testing & learning!

Facebook Carousel Advert



Where are they in the world? What are their interests? How long does journey to purchase take? What are their demographics?


Got to get that facebook pixel installed and set up properly.  For e-commerce, a good product feed is a must for dynamic retargeting (and prospecting).


Do you already have a facebook following? Is the pixel already installed?  The data it collects, even if you’re not actively using it, can be very valuable for lookalike and retargeting purposes.


If you have opted-in customer email lists, we can use them to create custom audiences in Facebook, and then use that data to generate lookalike audiences with similar characteristics.


Test and learn is really important at the beginning of FB campaigns.  Testing images, video and copy variations is critical, so time to revisit your media library, or get out the camera.

Website Structure

Do you have relevant landing pages for your ads?  Introductory copy for those you are building awareness with?  Detail for those further down the path to conversion?

Measurement & Attribution

Facebook lets you see conversions that have happened up to 28 days after a user sees or clicks on an ad.  That data can be really useful in terms of understanding your customer journey, and it often reinforces the way in which the various channels can work together in supporting the customer journey.  So it’s important that all your channels are aligned and working together.

Facebook Advertising On Mobile

We put together campaign structures designed to reflect your customer journey and maximise conversion.  Different ads for different decision stages, and clear segmentation of those audiences.  It’s a strategy that works really well.

On the technical side – we’re one of a handful of Facebook Marketing Consultant Partners in the UK, which we earned through passing coding and ad optimisation tests and an interview with Facebook HQ – it proves we know what we’re talking about, and our implementation is monitored by Facebook to ensure quality standards are upheld, so you can feel confident contacting us for assistance with all aspects of Facebook advertising.

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