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Old Markinch Photos - Restored & Colourised

Below is a collection of old black & white photographs of Markinch and some surrounding areas that I’ve been restoring and colourising when I get some spare time.

I started off with the Haig’s bottling hall image you can see below and have been steadily adding to the collection ever since.  There’s a little information about each photo, but it’s incomplete and this is still very much a work in progress as I add details when I find them (and get the time).

Ideally I’ll organise it in a better way at some point (random order at the moment), but for now please have a browse through, and if you have more information about any of the photos, or any you’d like me to colourise and add please get in touch.

If you’d like some further reading (and a bit more info on some of the photos) – visit the Markinch Heritage Group’s website here.

Haigs bottling plant 1958 Haigs bottling plant - colourised

Photo of the bottling hall in Haig’s taken in 1958 when they were employing around 600 people.

From a book called “The House Of Haig” by James Laver.

Copyright note: We’ve only included images that we believe to be out of copyright in the UK (so no Glenrothes pics as it’s too young!).  If we’ve made a mistake, please get in touch with the details and we’ll rectify as soon as possible.

Who are you?

I’m Mark and I run Dropkick Marketing – a wee digital marketing agency based out of Markinch in Fife.  We do all sorts of online advertising, websites and all the techy stuff that goes on behind the scenes.  I’ve worked with a massive variety of businesses and agencies over the years and have a bucketload of experience with all of this stuff, so if you ever fancy a chat about it just get in touch.


Mark Proctor

Digital marketing consultant, Google & Facebook Partner. That photo is about 7 years old now, really should get a new one 🙂